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The man approaching from the dock was thinner than the photos.  His frame under his tropical shirt and tan khakis was slightly more muscular than was expected.  It would be no problem for the procurement, but it was an important observation.  

“Hi, is this the ‘Sailing Victory’?  May we come aboard?” The man’s voice was hoarse, his eyes red.  He smelled of stale, cheap liquor and alcohol. 

“Yes.  Sir, please step this way.  Are you both coming or will she only stay for the send-off?”  The procurer pleasantly smiled as he motioned to the woman on the dock.  She was attractive and too young to be the man’s mistress.  Her breasts were large and perky as they spilled out the top and sides of her bikini top.  Her hair hung down in the back, almost touching her jean shorts, which looked painted on.  She wasn’t wearing anything beneath them.  

“My niece here,” the man placed a hand on the lower back of the young woman, “has just graduated college and has never been on a sailing trip.  When I won the trip, I insisted she join me.”  The man smiled at his niece and caused her to shyly meet his gaze and look back at her feet on the dock.  

“Ahh. . . A first-timer.  She is in safe hands,” the lie came so naturally.  “Hopefully, she likes catching fish as big as a car.  We will sail down the coast. Tomorrow, we will head out to the island for some great fishing.  Come aboard and make yourselves at home.  I have prepared some drinks and snacks.  Leave your bags there.  I will get them settled, then give you both a tour.”

The procurer watched the woman as she lay on the deck bathing in the sun. The man sitting beside her was sure to keep her champagne flute filled.   Four empty bottles were in the basket beside him.  

The man reached out and caressed the woman’s shin, worked upward, passed her knee, and stoked her inner thigh.  She grabbed his hand, raised her head, and said something.  The man slapped her hand away and pushed into her shorts.  Her eyes widened as she resisted.  

The procurer walked to the man.  “Excuse me.  I do not want to interrupt, but it is time for your tour.”  The procurer knew that if there was a problem now, it could upset things because they were still in congested waters.  

“You are interrupting,” the man slid his hand out of the shorts and back to the woman’s thigh.  

“I apologize, but this is part of the premium sailor’s package.  A tour to show you all the rooms, amenities, and safety features.  Plus, a free sailing lesson.”  The procurer smiled politely and put out a hand to help the man to his feet. 

“We aren’t interested in a tour,” the man slapped his hand. 

“I am,” the woman quickly bounced to her feet.  “I would love to learn how to sail.  Do I get to steer the boat?”

“Yes, ma’am.  I will also show you some of the rigging and how to operate the sails.”  The procurer offered his hand to the woman.  She gently grasped it as she stepped over her assailant. Her hand was delicate.  She smelled like cupcakes.

“If you are going, I am going,” the man began to rise unsteadily.  “I brought you on this trip.  I am going to make sure we have a good time.”

“You don’t have to come,” the woman replied as she pressed down on the man’s shoulder.  “I am sure the captain will keep me safe.”

“No, no, where you go, I go.  We are here together,” the man had found his footing. 

“Good, let’s be on our way.  Sir, please step this way.  I can tell you are a passionate, successful, powerful man.  Please be our leader.  Miss, you will go next, and I will make sure nobody gets left behind.”

“And you, sir, are a wise captain,” the man slurred with a slight snarl.  He caught himself on the railing after stumbling on his first step.  “Are the waves always this big?  This boat is rocking more than the ones I usually take.”

“I apologize for the waves, sir.  Yes, they seem extra large today.  Please head inside.  We will head to the rooms first.  You will see where you can find extra privacy if needed.”  The woman turned and looked at the procurer with desperation.  The procurer placed a hand on her shoulder and shook his head from side to side.  She seemed to understand and clasped his hand before turning and following the man.

“Down here on your right is the main suite.  It has a hot tub and a queen-sized mattress.   This is where I placed your belongings, sir.  Please go in and take a look.  Across the hall is the guest suite.  I have placed your niece’s belongings in there.”

“What size bed does she have?”  The man poked his head into the guest room.

“It is a twin mattress.  If you would like to change rooms, I can accommodate that.  I am sure the young lady would enjoy the larger bed and the hot tub.”

“She should be moved into my room.  That room is too small for her,” the man said as he walked into the master suite. 

“It’s okay.  This is a free trip.  I do not want to be a bother,” replied the woman as she slipped into the guest room.  “This room is perfect for me.”

“Don’t be difficult.  You will be moved into my room,” the man grabbed her arm above the elbow. 

“I am sorry she will not be able to stay in your room.  For safety reasons, we can only accommodate one guest per room.”  The man turned and stepped toward the procurer and whispered, “Listen, this is a special occasion for us.  If you could make an exception, I will give you a hefty tip.”

“I can’t.  They could take away my business license,” the procurer whispered back.  “I am sure you know how the government is always trying to get the little guy.”

The man stepped back and released the woman’s arm, “She will be staying in the guest room.  Please do not touch her stuff.”  The woman flashed a smile.  It was a nice smile.

“Excellent choice.  I will do as you have asked.    Please step into your room.  I will demonstrate the safety features and how to operate the hot tub.  It is a great place to relax.”

“Go and take off those shorts.  We will be relaxing in the hot tub for a while after this tour,” the man pointed towards the guest quarters.  The woman looked at the procurer, who shook his head up and down before she entered the room and closed the door. 

“Right, step right inside. I will show you how to turn on the valves,” the procurer stepped close to the man.  

“Not so close, buddy.  You haven’t even bought me dinner.”  The man laughed as he stepped into the room.  The procurer closely followed.  

“There is a hidden hinge beneath the wood right there,” the procurer pointed to the counter.  “Lift the edge and reach down in there.”  The man lifted the wood, bending over to look inside.  “See the valves down there?  Go ahead and reach in and turn the red one.  We will let a little water into the tub now to make sure it works for later.”  The man bent over at the waist. He steadied himself by placing his free hand on the bottom of the tub.

“It is stuck.  Does this valve normally turn?”  The man was beginning to stand again.

“You are powerful.  Give the valve a good, strong turn.  You will need to hold it open while the tub fills.”  The procurer placed a hand on the man’s back and pushed him back down.   

“Okay, not so rough buddy.  I think I have it,” water began to fill the tub.

“You are a master at this.  Fill the tub a couple of inches.  We need to make sure the lines are completely flushed for later.  You deserve to have the best water.”  The water was loud as it sprayed into the tub. 

The procurer stepped close to the man, one hand still on his back, and pressed firmly against his ass.  

“Hey, what are you doing?”  The man began to stand.  The procurer forced him back down.  The procurer was now erect and had to use his free hand to adjust himself.  He pressed his erection deep between the man’s buttocks through both of their clothes.  

“I am definitely not giving you a tip now, buddy.  Now step back before I get angry,”  the man was already trying to resist, but he was more muscle than strength.  

The procured used his free hand to grab the wrist that was holding the man up.  He twisted the man’s arm and slammed his face against the bottom of the tub.  His ass stroked the procurer’s member as it lifted.  Blood filled the water as the man struggled.  The water stopped spraying as the man stopped struggling.  The procurer stepped back.  He removed the man’s arm from the hidden compartment and rolled the man into the tub.  He would clean this up when he dumped the body.  

Lightly tapping on the guest room door, the procurer knew his erection was obvious.  

“Just one moment,” the voice inside was soft.  The procurer opened the door.  The woman was bent over naked, sorting through the panties the procurer had placed in one of the drawers.  

“Sorry for the interruption, miss,” he said.  The woman looked up, startled, and tried to cover her freshly shaved vagina with a hand as she glanced at the procurer’s crotch.  “Your uncle said he was going to nap before you both dine, followed by a dip in the hot tub.”

“I said just a minute,” she was reaching for her shorts. 

“I know.”  The procurer said with a smile.  “I just wanted to let you know you are safe while you are my guest.  If there is anything you need, or your uncle gets too handsy, please let me know.”  He took another step in and closed the door.

“Can you please step out so I can get dressed?”

“Absolutely, but as the captain of this boat, I need to ask a couple of questions first.”

“I am naked.  Please leave.  I am going to tell on you if you do not leave.”  She glanced at his erection again.

“I know he is not your uncle.  That is what he whispered to me in the hall.  I need to know how old you are and how you know each other to ensure I am not breaking any laws.  I can’t protect you if I am breaking laws because he could make us both go to jail.”

“I met him in town.  He said he was a rich movie executive and offered me a sailboat trip to discuss an upcoming movie.  That’s how things are done out here.”

“I saw him reach in your shorts earlier.  You don’t seem like an adult movie star.  Does your family know what you are doing?”  She winced at his words as they distracted her from her nudity.  She lowered the shorts to the floor.

“I am not a whore.  I work at a café and have been in three national commercials.  My family disowned me when I moved here.”  

The procurer had heard enough. She would not be missed.  He could tell she was honest and innocent by the way she spoke.  He wouldn’t get diseased from her.  He unzipped his pants and stepped forward.

“What are you doing?”  The woman’s eyes grew large as he withdrew his member from his pants.  

“You, of course.  This is my boat. I am going to enjoy myself.”  She began throwing her clothing at him in frantic desperation as he took one step forward and lifted her.  

He turned her around and bent her over the side of the bed.  She clenched her legs together at the angles and scratched at his arms.  

He grabbed her wrists and wrenched them up her back, “Calm down, beautiful.  Your uncle is dead.  I drowned him in the tub.”

She began to sob heavily as her body relaxed.  He entered her.  She was tight and moist.  He let her wrist go and grabbed both of her hips.  He liked watching and hearing the way her ass slapped into him and jiggled with every thrust.

As he pumped in and out with the rocking of the waves, her tears slowly faded into moans and primal grunts.  He turned her over so he could see those perky breasts bounce with every hammer.  Her makeup was smeared, fright still in her eyes despite the sounds of ecstasy.  

She was clinging to the mattress with her freshly manicured nails as he pressed into her over and over.  She was so beautiful, this moment was so exciting, but he had a job to do.  

He leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead.  She still smelled like cupcakes and tasted sweet.  He whispered, “I am going to give you a fighting chance.  Wrap your legs around me and pull me deep inside you so I know you are listening,” as he wrapped his hands tightly around her throat.  

Tears filled her eyes again, but she did not cry.  She whispered, “Please, no.  Please, please.”  

“Wrap your legs around me and pull me deep inside if you want a chance to live,” he whispered again.  Her legs were strong, much more powerful than they looked.

He was thrusting deeper and faster.  She was scratching at his arms.  Her legs were still tightly wrapped around his waste.  

Her legs began to relax as her eyes slowly closed.  He removed his hands from her soft white throat and tightly grasped her thighs as his penetrations slowed.  He felt the hot liquid flow from him to her.  As he exited her, some spilled out.  

He carried her body to the deck of the boat and then delicately dropped it into the ocean.  

“It is done,” the procurer spoke into the encrypted satellite phone.  “There was a woman.  I took care of her.  No, she has no family.  Nobody will miss her.  She was a nobody.  Yes, I made sure nobody would find her body.   However, if they do, it will look like someone who fell off a cruise ship like last time.  I will look for the money in the usual place then.  You know where to find me if there are any further needs.”  

The procurer removed the battery from the phone, placed both in a metal barrel and dumped liquid in.    The phone smoldered for a bit. The procurer tossed the bucket and contents into the ocean when the phone had dissolved enough.